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Loan Rates Adjusted

Loan rates for 2007 and newer auto’s are now as low as 2.75 for 5 years*. These new rates are only available for new loans (existing loans at the CU are not eligible for these rates).   If you are in the market for a new (or “new to you”) auto, please give us a call before you shop.  We can get you pre-approved so that you can shop with confidence and avoid the sometimes-uncomfortable high pressure sales tactics.  Call a loan officer today 304-697-2919.

Cost Savings Reports Available

Everyone likes to save some money on their monthly bills!  Universal FCU has the ability to run a cost savings report that will compare all of your auto or signature loans rates and payments that you have financed at other financial institutions to what those same loans would cost you here.  It is free, simple and quick!  Call a loan officer today and tell them that you would like to see if we can save you some cash!


Bill Pay
Pay your bills electronically to any company or any individual. You must be an active user of CU Online (home banking) to utilize this service. Once logged into CU Online, click on the Bill Pay link to enroll and use this fantastic product!
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